Thursday, May 31, 2012

Toes in the Sand!

Our summer started off with a much awaited trip to the beach. On Friday we drove down to Destin and returned Wednesday.  We have enjoyed spending the long Memorial Day weekend in Destin for the last several years. Our anniversary is May 26 so it also serves as a nice gift for us both. This year we have been married 11 years!

Since February Grayson has been asking us on a daily basis how many days until we go to the beach. A few days before we left, she told me she just really needed her feet in the sand! Me too, Grayson! I have a girl who loves the beach as much as I do!

Our trip started off with a bang...or a screech as it was. Grayson had been riding her bike while we packed the truck. She left her bicycle right in front of the Tahoe, and Ben told her not to do that again because it couldn't be seen and would get run over. Well, not very long after that, she rode it again and left it in the same exact spot! As we rolled forward those first few inches, metal hit metal and we knew it wasn't good. Luckily, the bike and truck were fine. After that start, I was a bit worried about what else might happen, but it went well. We survived a few meltdowns Hayes had in the car, but overall I have to say he did better than I expected given his life long hatred of the car seat! He actually slept a good nap in the car seat going and coming home. This is a first, as we have children who do not sleep in the car. Lucky us.

The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed it to the fullest. I packed the kids all of their matching, ironed outfits, but all we wore were swimsuits or pj's! No going out to eat or shopping. Just beach, pool, and family! We woke up every morning and got ready for the pool. After that we headed to the beach. This went on all day into the night. Pool. Beach. Repeat. Grayson even got her daddy to go catch crabs one night. They came back with a bucket full. Bedtimes were ignored, and we just had a laid back schedule. One night Grayson kept telling me to ask her a question. I asked a few, and she kept telling me to try again. Finally she told me she wanted me to ask her if she was tired! She then told me the answer was YES! Another night she told us she just felt 'zausted'. It was so much fun seeing her have such a great time. She loved the pool and the beach. Hayes preferred the pool. Of course he tried to eat sand at the beach, and was pretty hot under the tent. The pool, however, was a hit. He kicked his little feet as soon as they hit the water! We tried to keep him out of the sun as much as possible though. The shade came over the pool about 3:00, so that worked out pretty well.
 Grayson was a little worn out with us trying to get Hayes to look at the camera, be still and not eat sand. She was totally not herself dealing with the little wiggle worm. You can tell she did much better when he was not in the picture.
 I just love this picture. She is a daddy's girl, and they both look so happy here.
 We were SO thankful Nana got to go with us. She was such a help with Hayes. He just couldn't handle very much fun in the sun, so he and Nana had afternoon nap time together. This was the first trip Nana has gone on with us in at least 5 years. We enjoyed her being with us so much.
My little girl was born posing. I swear we have never taught her to do this or even asked her to pose. Even as a tiny baby, she just lit up for the camera. She loves to strike a pose when the camera is on her. It makes me laugh to see that toe pointed! I waited too late in the day to take pictures, really. And it was the last day so I had to make do. We played volleyball all afternoon, and the time just got away from us. I could kick myself for not taking more pictures to document our first beach trip as a family of four. And for not dressing them in all of their cute outfits. But we made memories, and had a great time doing nothing! We were all sad to leave, and can't wait until our next beach trip!

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