Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day at Ballet

Well today little G woke up before 8 am with exactly 3 things on her mind: more milk, how many minutes to dance, and can we go outside? So, we went right outside in our pjs and all since we knew it would be too hot too soon! No time to waste! That was nice, since there was a light breeze and we were in the shade. We enjoyed practicing our writing with sidewalk chalk.
not too thrilled with the "photo shoot"
Then we decided to try our photo shoot for the birhday invite...This would be the 3rd attempt. And, well, it didn't go well. Little G very uncharacteristically was not planning on taking pics--she said it was just too hot. And it definitely was! And it involved using the curling iron, so it was like pulling teeth. But we forged ahead trying to get that perfect shot...didn't happen though. Maybe {fingers crossed} tomorrow.
Then we diddled around until it was time to get ready for dance. G asked every minute how much longer til we go to dance class? I got her to sit for the curling iron again (she was so good). The we got the new tights on, the leotard, & the skirt on when she decided all that just gave her a really big wedgie. And it really bothered her. So after numerous adjusts, we got it settled. She loves dance class, and had a great time.

We got a good surprise in that Morgan got to come over after a night softball practice. They didn't get to visit much, but G was on Cloud 9! I tried to study with Morgan for her test, but she was so tired that I just sent her to bed right before 10. She said her head hurt, she was sore all over, and just pooped. She plans on studying with Ben in the morning at 7 until they have to leave for school.

Grayson and I are just looking so forward to spending another day at home together. It is wonderful.